What Our Customers Have Told Us…


What clothing professionals say about us:

“McCormick Brothers is the ONLY cleaner I recommend.”
Nancy Amoroso, Personal Stylist

“McCormick Brothers knows dry cleaning. They are receptive to your requests and needs. They understand fabrics and will take care of your clothes. I am a happy client and recommend them to my clients.”
Rob Nikpour, Owner of Sew Rob Apparel Design Studios, Wynnewood

“Attention to detail & personal service makes McCormick Brothers the best. I refer my clients as their service fully compliments ours.”
Brian Lipstein, Owner, Henry A. Davidsen, Center City

“The cleaner I refer to my best clients.”
Ellen Shepp, Joan Shepp Boutique, Center City

“You are wonderful! I’m going to tell everyone about your service.”
Judy Block, JRB Linens, Society Hill

“For the best care, use McCormick Brothers!”
Len Ventresca, LenVentresca.com (Men’s Clothier)

“We take care of some very particular clients and can always count on McCormick Brothers.”
Charles Morotta Jr., Owner of Distante Men’s Clothier, Center City


From The Main Line:

“You guys are great.”
Pat Croce

“My shirts have never looked better!”
Dave Roberts, Channel 6 ABC News

“The best dry cleaner I have ever used!”
Larry Brown, Legendary NBA & College Basketball Coach

“Your work is perfect. I appreciate your attention to every detail.”
Michael Smerconish, National Radio Host on Sirius XM Radio

“McCormick Brothers is the ONLY cleaner I recommend.”
Nancy Amoroso, Personal Stylist

“McCormick Brothers knows dry cleaning. They are receptive to your requests and needs. They understand fabrics and will take care of your clothes. I am a happy client and recommend them to my clients.”
Rob Nikpour, Owner of Sew Rob Apparel Design Studios, Wynnewood

“The way the short sleeve sport shirts were done is perfect; better than perfect!”
Wayne Schurr

“You are doing a terrific job with our clothes. Thank you. And thank you for returning the money you found in my pockets. You don’t find that too often. Please let the young man who found it know how much I appreciate his honesty.”
Joanne Huth

“I have never met a more professional company. I have been in the customer service business for a long time and I am very impressed with you. You have my word that I’ll always continue to use your service. Thanks.”
Josh Verne

“Thank you! I got my silk top back today and it looks fabulous! We are very pleased with your service and the quality of your dry cleaning. My husband likes the way you do his shirts and the care you took on his Robert Graham shirts.”
Mary Ellis

“You are the best dry cleaner, by far, we have ever used.”
Denise Gotsdiner

“I received back my gray top with chains and it looks fantastic!.”
Jeanette Green

“Your service is superb. I wouldn’t have used your service all of these years if it wasn’t. More importantly, my wife loves your company.”
Dr. Karl Rosenfeld

“I love your service and I love your quality.”
Dr. Simon Small

“Jamie, just a note to let you know that my dry cleaning looks great. Thanks again to you and your team.”
Leon Barson

“My daughter will be thrilled to hear the dress turned out so nice. You all went above and beyond to get it done so quickly.”
Jennifer Clark

“All of our linens look beautiful!”
Jennifer Smith

“I appreciate the professionalism you and your team exhibit, which combined with the quality work and customer service, is why I’m a customer. Thank you, as always!”
Chris DiFonzo

“Thank you so much for stopping by our house and letting us know about your service, we are so pleased with it.”
Sarah Marshall


From Philadelphia:

“Attention to detail & personal service makes McCormick Brothers the best. I refer my clients as their service fully compliments ours.”
Brian Lipstein, Owner, Henry A. Davidsen, Center City

“We take care of some very particular clients and can always count on McCormick Brothers.”
Charles Morotta Jr., Owner of Distante Men’s Clothier, Center City

“The cleaner I refer to my best clients.”
Ellen Shepp, Joan Shepp Boutique, Center City

“You are wonderful! I’m going to tell everyone about your service.”
Judy Block, JRB Linens, Society Hill

“My husband and I absolutely love your service. We have found a new dry cleaner! No other cleaner compares to McCormick Brothers. My driver Jim is the best. Everyone in the neighborhood loves him. What a wonderful company you have put together.”
Dorothy and David Binswanger, Binswanger Corp.

“The quality of work you provide is what is really important to me. I used to refer other cleaners to tenants. The tenants would complain that the cleaners ruined something and it made me look bad. I have never had a complaint about McCormick Brothers. The tenants really trust what I say about McCormick Brothers.”
Anil, Concierge at The St. James Building

“You have made my life easier!”
Shauna Binswanger

“My husband is thrilled with everything you do. He loves the way you do his shirts.”
Carol Bank

“My favorite sweater came out great. Thanks!”
Rhoda Albom

“The dry cleaning is beautiful. It absolutely made my day when I saw it. What a pleasure. I’m happy I found you.”
Arlan Kardon

“Everything looks beautiful. Perfect! I can’t express enough my thanks. Thank you so much for your attention.”
Janet Stanwood

“My pants look great. Thanks so much.”
Elizabeth Perri

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my dresses (preserved after flood damage). All of the stains came out and my wedding gown looks great in the box. I’m really happy. You were so nice to work with and I’ll refer you to anyone who needs a great dry cleaner. You have been a delight to work with.”
Justine Cookson

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My leather jacket that had oil stains looks beautiful now. I owe my gratitude to you!”
Ilene Benz

“I received back my tablecloth and runner and they look absolutely beautiful! I will forever be one of your greatest fans – it is rare in life to find a person, business, or organization with such high standards and such a commitment to excellence. I am so grateful to be the recipient of your efforts!
Colleen Christian

“I have yet to find a dry cleaner in the U.S. who can do a shirt like you guys do.”
John Levitties

“The cushion covers and pillow cases I sent came out so clean. I am very happy. I can tell how hard everyone at McCormick Brothers works. It really shows. If the government was run like your company, we would be in much better shape!”
Judith Mallery

“Words cannot express how thankful I am that you removed the stains from my dress (actually, I borrowed it from a friend of mine). Thank you so much! I actually jumped up and down when I heard you were able to get the stains out. I wanted to send you flowers!.”
Sara Mason

“I’m glad I switched cleaners. I’m very happy with your work.”
George Coates

“My driver, Jim, is such a great guy! He’s got a really hard job delivering in Center City. He makes it look easy and does it so well. He deserves a raise.”
Emily Kuhn

“I can’t thank your team enough. The silk tie that I sent in last week with the oil stain is completely clean. It looks brand new. The tie was stained six months ago and I had it dry cleaned about 4 or 5 times by two different cleaners in Center City and it didn’t come clean at all by them. I have lived in Center City for 19 years and have used every dry cleaner in the area, but none of them come close to your operation. You are the BEST.”
David Maser

“I am very pleased with your work!”
Marisa Geiger

“Thank you, Shannon, for all the helpful information regarding the hand-cleaning of my purse. Your cleaning team did an amazing job on it and I’m so happy I can use it again!”
Mary Pogach

“My husband’s sweaters, that I sent in to have the moth holes repaired, turned out fantastic! He was thrilled when he saw them. You guys did an incredible job!”
Lilli Wright

“Thanks, as usual, for your great work!”
Ted Aronson

“Thank you for the oustanding service!”
Brian Kelley

“You are the best! Thank you for all of your help and support! I have told many of my friends about how wonderful your service is. I refer to you as the Best Dry Cleaner in Philadelphia.Maybe you’ll end up with some new clients!”
Brooke Stoddard

“Thank you for the high quality and unbeatable convenience of your service! Please consider me a satisfied customer.”
Michael Nolan

“I am thrilled with your service. Thank you for taking such good care of my Eileen Fisher suits. I have recommended you to my friends!”
Allesandra Phillips

“I just received my dry cleaning back and I am thrilled with the results!”
Jason Kravitz

“We are thrilled about your service!”
Will and Val Schwartz

“You’re wonderful and I’m so happy I found you.”
Janice Marx

“Awesome service. I could not be more impressed. My clothing looks like it is brand new, and everything that was ever done wrong before (McCormick Brothers) looks like it has been fixed. I am locked in as a customer. Your service is flat out awesome!”
Martin Lamar

“Thank you for returning my credit card! We love your service.”
Miriam Marshall

“Thank you! You have every garment in my closet for the rest of my life!”
Adele Greenspun

“Thanks again! You are all very responsive and great to work with.”
Tom DeGarmo

“Jim is outstanding, great at his job, and I truly trust him. You guys do an amazing job. My clothes come back looking better than when I first bought them.”
Jessica Braverman


From Montgomery County:

“We very much appreciate all of your T.L.C.!”
Larry Korman

“It’s so great to have your service. I called in the middle of the night with a frantic request to have my son’s sport jacket (that I had just given the day before) altered, cleaned, pressed and delivered by 7 am (in time for his school’s concert). I can’t believe you were able to pull it off. Thank you to Jamie for personally delivering it.”
Patty Murphy

“We are so grateful to have your service. With my husband traveling so much, it is great to have his clothes ready to go in his closet when he needs them. You all work so hard, it’s wonderful”.
Sharon Fitzgerald

“You are too much. My driver, Jim, is great. You are a real professional organization. If the rest of the world was run like your business, it would be great. Thanks for getting my clothes back to me in a hurry for the holiday and for returning the money and credit cards I left in my pockets.”
Fred Gerngross

“Jamie called me to let me know about concerns with duvet cover. I just wanted to thank you for the marvelous job you did on this duvet cover. It looks beautiful – like brand new!”
Carole Goldberg

“You guys are great.”
Tony D’Orazio

“You did a fantastic job on my dog hair covered blanket! It now looks beautiful. Thank you!”
Jan Kollock

“My husband LOVES his shirts!. Thanks for the great service.”
Ann Paviglianiti

“You guys are terrific. If it wasn’t for Hassis (men’s store) telling me about you, I never would have found you.”
Bob Harmon

I am very happy with all my clothes. Thank you for all your help!”
Michael Gambone

“You have the BEST Customer Service department and I would not trust anyone else with my dry cleaning.”
Diane Wachs

“McCormick Brothers is the best.”
Kitty Genuardi

“Clearly, you choose to do things the right way by taking care of your customers as you want to be taken care of yourself. Please know that this is greatly appreciated. Thanks so very much again, Jamie.”
Jim Edelstein

“Your Customer Service is far superior than with any cleaner I have ever used.”
Sean Baird

“I want to let you know (Kelsey) that you are very professional, clear and it is a pleasure talking to you”.
Paul Goldberg

“Between the quality and customer service, what an improvement from my other cleaner! It is a day and night difference.”
Donna Katz

“Thanks Kelsey! You guys are great.”
Ann Paviglianiti


From Bucks County:

“For the best care, use McCormick Brothers!”
Len Ventresca, LenVentresca.com (Men’s Clothier)

“Whatever you guys are doing, it’s great. My lace drape looks wonderful. Use me as a reference anytime you need it.”
Patricia McKearn

“We’re very happy with your service. We hope you never lose that personal touch. You are very impressive. We tell everyone we can about your service.”
Joy Carducci

“Thanks for your great service all year long.”
Cathy Makoid

“Everything has been great. The little things are so important. When you sew a button on or fix something and leave a nice little note, that is the best. Thanks for going out of your way to get me my clothes in time for my trip!”
Carol Graf

“A big “Thank You” to the good people who work for you. I recently sent a pink, silk jacket to be cleaned. It was not an easy job. I had gotten 4 separate spots on my very expensive, very pretty jacket. When the jacket was returned, it was perfect! Please forward my sincere thanks to a very dedicated staff.”
Irene Asley

“I am thrilled with your service. I’m so impressed with the fact that you actually return money found in pockets. You’ve found stains I didn’t even know existed. I love that you replace and fix loose buttons for free. Margaret has added to my impression of your company.”
Dr. Nuveen

“You do everything right and you come and pick my clothes up. You guys are the best. I’m going to tell all of my friends about you.”
Tony Lepore

“I loved my shirts and suits. The quality of your work is real nice.”
Jack Kolpen

“You are doing a great job. You are a step above the competition.”
Michael Miernicki

“We are happy to endorse your premier dry cleaning business as everything is cleaned and finished with pride – it is obvious. We have a neighborhood directory that reaches out to 80 houses and a section is focused on business referrals. We have endorsed your dry cleaner and hope you get many more clients from our area. It is our pleasure to recommend McCormick Brothers.”
Cecile Balizet

“I want you to know how impressed I was with your work. I was very happy and look forward to working with you.”
Michael Dortch

“Your company did a wonderful job on our last order!”
Lisa Brigham

“I am very happy with service so far!.”
Patricia Michael

“I just wanted to let you know that our driver was extremely helpful during a recent snowstorm and helped me shovel out my car that got stuck in the snow on our street. He was so nice to help me out and I greatly appreciate it.”
Sue Haldeman

“Thanks for doing my shirts properly and replacing the broken button recently. You are better than the rest. Your Customer Service is great!”
Edgar House

“We have always been very pleased with McCormick’s service and will continue using your great dry cleaning services.”
Helen Urban

“The quality of your cleaning is always excellent!”
Fred Williams

“I’m happy I have you guys. I love the drop off and pick up service. The shirts come out beautiful and the convenience is amazing. You really do a great job!”
Jeffrey Cooper

“I am very pleased with your service. My sister recommended you and she is happy with the job you are doing too.”
Yolanda Brown

“Thank you for your outstanding service and cooperation!”
Sue Boyle

“We have been very pleased with the service. Particularly the additional sewing support.”
Pat Haneman

“I love your work and will send the world to you.”
Jeffrey Cooper

“Laura and I really appreciate the impeccable service that you provide!”
Christopher Mitchell


From Chester County:

“The service I received from Tom McCormick was superb. Thank you for the quick turnaround and the very generous charge for spot cleaning my wedding dress. It’s perfect! I will definitely be coming back, as well as referring you to friends and family. Keep up the excellent work and thanks again!”
Bonnie Nicholas

“It has been a luxury using your laundry services. Thank you for all your wonderful help in the past few years.”
Alexandra Budike


From Delaware County:

“Thank you for all of your excellent service!”
Ken Schuster

“You guys do a great job.”
Bill Gallen

“Thanks for returning $20 that we left in the pocket of a pair of pants. I’ve been a customer for 5 years. I was so overwhelmed with your honesty. Thank you very much!”
Christy O’Reilly

“My husband and I are very, very happy customers. I love the service and really like our driver!”
Jennifer Pechet

“We are very pleased with your service. We love it.”
Maggie Hagstrom

“I just wanted to say that I’m so impressed with you guys. I never had you do my tableclothes or folded shirts before, but everything came back beautiful and ready for our trip and for storage for Thanksgiving. I’m just really grateful! You guys do such a great job and I’m so glad I switched to you! We will be moving out of the area soon and will miss your service! We will highly recommend your service to the people who buy our house.”
Nancy Matlack

“Thank you so much for returning the $150 that I had left in my pocket. I really appreciate it and I think the world of your company! I work in retail and there are not too many companies out there that are honest. I appreciate your honesty and am very, very happy with your work.”
Patrick Burns

“You always do a great job in fixing repairs, buttons, and things like that. I appreciate the quality and good work!”
Nora Swimm

“Thanks for the great service!”
Danielle Boninfante

“Thank you so much. You have come through for us each time”
Debbie Lurie

“We are very happy with your service. We used to go to another dry cleaner but they were more expensive and shirts came back with broken buttons.”
Mrs. Mullen

“Thanks for the personal attention. It’s why we trust you over other dry cleaners.”
Rebecca Williams


From our Store in Sellersville:

“I love the shirts. They are phenomenal!”
Dan Soliday

“My first experience with McCormick Brothers was great. A young gentleman carried my clothes to the car. Wow! That was nice! Ted and I looked over the shirts and they look great. The store was neat and clean and I was very impressed. You do a wonderful job from Customer Service to the work product. I will refer your business!.”
Tanya Fravel

“Margaret is such a sweetheart. It’s always a pleasure walking into your business and being treated so well”.
Laurie Heuckeroth

“I thought you had a good sales pitch, but I didn’t really believe there would be that much of a difference. I have to tell you, there is a noticeable difference in the cleaning and pressing. You do a very nice job.”
John Greulich

“I love the bags. The McCormick Brothers are the best. They will take care of everything.”
Betty Graver, Pennridge Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you for all you did. It was above and beyond what I would have expected.”
Tim Notarianni

“On behalf of the men and women of the Sellersville Fire Department, we would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to you for your generous donation of free drapery cleaning. The kindness and caring of businesses such as yours helps to make our job a little less difficult. Again, THANK YOU from all of us for your donation. To do this without even being asked makes it all that much more special to us.”
Joseph McDonald, Past President of Sellersville Fire Department

“Just a note to your whole team to extend sincere thanks for great and pleasant service and the many extra miles you go for the Thompson family.”
Mason Thompson

“On behalf of the Sellersville Historical and Achievement Authority, I want to thank you for donating your services for Sellersville Museum. Your offer to clean our Santa suit was much appreciated, and the service you provided was excellent. We are grateful for your support of the Sellersville Museum, and value the relationship we have with your company!”
Samantha Heyman, Secretary, The Sellersville Historical and Achievement Authority

“The staff that took care of me the other night was very professional and kind.”
Dean Souder

“I want to thank you for refurbishing my wedding gown. I couldn’t believe how great it looked after your special care. It looked so nice!”
Lynne Von Mechow

“As a business owner myself, it is truly refreshing to find a company like yours; my family will now be loyal customers.”
Chuck Stockert

“The attention to detail is awesome.”
Larry Lowry

“Your service is phenomenal. All of your people are great. My shirts look so good with the sleeves clipped, the collar stays, and the collar supports. I’ve tried lots of dry cleaners and you are the best. I have no reason to ever use another cleaner again.”
Joe Santora

“You did a great job getting the silly putty out of the gown. It looks great. Thank you very much for saving the gown.”
Linda Loeffler

“On behalf of our department, thank you for cleaning our memorial banners! It is good to have community members like yourselves.”
Bill Spaeth (President), Sellersville Fire Department

“You did a great job on my coat.”
Dave Reiss

From our customers who have moved out of state:

“I much enjoyed your service…thought you did an excellent job.”
Kimberly Strauss (since moving to New York)

“I still haven’t found a dry cleaner out here who even comes close to McCormick Brothers!”
David Haggard (since moving to Oregon)

“Your service was GREAT!”
Carol White